Selected Fiction Publications

"Now You're Part of It Too," appeared in Monkeybicycle, June 2019

"No White Saviors," an excerpt from DISPLACED, appeared in The Compassion Anthology, Spring 2019

"Where They Bury the Waste," appeared in BIG OTHER, February 2019

The Hunger Saint, a historical novella, published by Bordighera Press, April 2017

"Whitebait," appeared in Ovunque Siamo, Vol. 1 ,Issue 1, Fall 2017

"A Member of the Tribe," appeared in Crab Orchard Review, Vol. 21, Spring 2017

"Transients" and "Inheritance" appeared in Ginosko Literary Journal, Issue #20, Summer 2017

"Revere Beach, 1964," appeared in Paterson Literary Review, Issue #45, Spring 2017


"The Detained," appeared in The American, Winter-Spring 2017

"A Grove of Ashes," appeared in Ginosko Literary Journal, Issue #18, Fall 2016

"Female Anatomy Detail," appeared in 7X7, Summer 2016

"Bella Vista Internment," appeared in Italian Americana, Vol. 34, No. 2, Summer 2016

"Beyond the Smoke...," appeared in escarp, Summer 2016


“A Fine Cross-Stitch Pattern,” appeared in The MacGuffin, Summer 2015 Issue




“Who’s Crazy?” appeared in War, Literature and the Arts, Vol. 25




“Speaking the Enemy’s Tongue,” appeared in Quiddity: International Literary Journal and Public-Radio Program, Issue 8.1




“Building the Body,” appeared in Banango Street, Summer 2014 Issue




“A Tea For Outsiders,” appeared in JMWW, Winter 2014 Issue




“Whatever You Want To Do Fine,” appeared in New South, Vol. 6, Issue 1




“Becoming Italian,” appeared in VIA: Voices in Italian Americana, Vol. 23, N. 2




“Mother God” appeared in Italian Americana, Winter 2013 Issue



“The Flaw in the Gig” appeared in The Dos Passos Review, Issue 8.2




“Dirty” appeared in Gigantic Sequins, Issue 3.1

"Il Caruso," appeared in El-Ghibli, Anno 8, Numero 32, June 2011

Also appeared in Scrittinediti, 4/15/2011




“Scent” appeared in The Vestal Review, “Dirty Dozen” May 2011 Issue




“The Hunger Saint” appeared in Hot Metal Bridge, Spring 2011 Issue




“The Place Where Names Hide” appeared in Night Train, April 2011 Issue

          Reprinted in Night Train: The First Ten Years




“The Glassblower” appeared in Word Riot, January 2011 Issue

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